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Custom Fit-up Turning Roll

Turning rolls are often used in large scale welding manufacturing for greater safety and efficiency. They are often referred to as “self-aligned rotators” and sometimes “pipers” although they are all the same basic type of welding device, performing at different capacities.

A turning roll’s primary function is to hold large work pieces still while the welder goes to work. Materials are secured firmly between the rollers until the welder uses the bolts to make adjustments. The rollers automatically align themselves around the work piece making it easy for the welder to position the materials perfectly for different types of welds.  The turning roll can rotate parts of the materials as well, dramatically increasing the possible types of welds.

Among the many advantages listed above, a turning roll is a very safe alternative to many other types of industrial equipment which will minimize the risks of accidents in the work place. A turning roll can also lower a shop’s costs of energy consumption of a production shop, lower operator fatigue and increase productivity.

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Working With Turning Rolls

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